Narre North Foxes Sport Rainbow Socks for Charity

The Narre North Foxes did their bit to raise aware around organ and tissue donation when they purchased 330 pairs of rainbow coloured socks from Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation for all of their teams to wear on the weekend.

The foundation was created following the death of Zaidee Rose Alexander Turner who died shortly after turning seven years old. Zaidee was an organ donor and following her death her donation went on to save or improve the lives of seven people.

Every single player who pulled on the boots for the Foxes at home on Sunday sported the special socks but they weren’t alone as the coaching staff led the way displaying the socks proudly over their jeans.

When the Foundation created the rainbow coloured socks it seemed an obvious fit for Narre North Foxes president Mark McGregor after the club had great success in raising funds wearing pink socks for last year’s Pink Sport’s Day. It isn’t the first time the club has looked to raise money for charity.

“We decided to support this after successfully raising a lot of money on Pink Sport’s Day and Casey Tutungi fundraising days last year,” said McGregor.

The club is calculating the amount raised by the weekend’s fundraising effort and McGregor wished to thank everyone involved in making the day come to fruition – including a special mention for the generosity provided by Pretty’s Prime Cuts at Fountain Gate.

“Everyone looked fantastic on the day and as a football club we give everything we can to our kids and the community at large,” he said. “I personally urge everyone to read about Zaidee’s legacy and support this important foundation.”

Find out more about Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation and discover her story here

Narre North Foxes raising money for Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

Narre North Foxes raising money for Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation

Author: Sport Poster
Posted on:03/06/2014