Club Profile – 5 Minutes in the spotlight for Hallam Football Club

Club Profile

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Club history

The Hallam Football Club formerly known as the Hallam Junior Football Club commenced operation in 1967 with the Dandenong District Football League now known as South East Junior Football League. Over the years the club has evolved to include not only Auskick and Juniors of all age groups but now has incorporated Youth Girls, Women, Superules 35+, Senior, Reserves and Thirds.

The Hallam Football Club prides ourselves on being a community friendly and family focused club providing the opportunity for all family members to be actively involved in a safe, controlled and welcoming environment for all.

Please share some of the clubs most memorable achievements.

The most memorable achievements for the Hallam Football Club would be the introduction of Youth Girls, Women, Superules, Senior, Reserve and Thirds Teams thus enabling the club to be able to offer a more extensive variety of opportunities for the community and family members.

What makes your club such a great club to belong to?

Hallam is demographically quite broad which makes us a very unique club. It is 1 of only 4 clubs in Victoria that has teams from Auskick, Juniors, Seniors, Reserves, Thirds and over 35′s as well as female sides in the VWFL

Other details

The Hallam Football Club would welcome any new member and are currently looking for interested players for season 2014.

Contact can be made with the club secretary Mrs. M. Neve on 0401871558.