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Established in 1955 Bentleigh Calisthenics in located in Centre Road Bentleigh.

Please share some of the clubs most memorable achievements.

Calisthenics combines the best aspects of sport and performing arts.
Calisthenics is uniquely Australian and promotes team work, self confidence and friendship. Team members develop an appreciation for music, dance, acting, strength, flexibility and performance skills. People of all ages enjoy this wonderful sport and thrive on the variety of challenges offered.

What makes your club such a great club to belong to?

Established in 1955 Bentleigh Calisthenics in located in Centre Road, Bentleigh. Our college is run managed by a committee of volunteers, elected anually at the AGM. We cater to all age groups from 3 onwards and all sections are competitive. All students are registered and insured with Calisthenics Victoria Inc. (CVI).

Bentleigh Calisthenics College is officially the first calisthenics club in Victoria to gain 2 star accreditation with Calisthenics Victoria Inc. Our aim is for all participants to enjoy the sport of calisthenics while gaining self esteem and confidence. We encourage our students to reach their full potential whilst also making good friends and having fun.

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